How do you know if your programmer is playing the right music?

Defining the musical programming of a radio station is a great responsibility, playing the right music is the key to success so that a radio station has an audience and can be monetized by selling advertising spaces.


A radio programmer is a very important professional in your station and must know very well how to measure the temperature of your audience to know how to choose the right songs to have successful programming.


To choose music programming well it is very important to:


– Know your audience. Who are they? Where they live? What age range are they? What time do they listen to you?


– Be aware of the latest music releases and how is their performance in other radio stations.


– Know how to analyze the station’s metrics in real-time.


– Combine the instinct of the programmer with artificial intelligence tools such as


All these things are very important because a radio station has very defined followers and if there is a lot of contrast this will cause discomfort, for example, if your station specializes in the genre of Mexican regional, you can not play heavy metal because your audience will be disoriented by this decision.


With MonitorLATINO, your radio programmer will have the highest technology tools to track your station in real-time, for example:


-Analysis of songs individually, you can see how each song behaves in different stations.


-Analysis of your programming, you may see which songs are working in your rotation and which are not, it also gives you suggestions about whether you should increase, decrease or maintain the frequency of playback of a song.


-Customized reports that can be received monthly and / or weekly to have on hand information that allows strategic decisions of the station.


With the information that your station can obtain through MonitorLATINO, you will always play the right songs.


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