2020 and cars still don’t fly…

In 1989 the sequel to the movie Back to the Future was released, in which its protagonist was traveling to 2015 where cars were already flying and technology had taken a 180-degree turn to the daily life of the inhabitants of the town of Hill Valley.


Well, we are already in the year 2020 and cars still do not fly, and although technology surprises us day by day, many things indeed work as they have always done and radio is one of them.


Years ago, with the advent of streaming music, it was said that traditional radio was over, that people would not want to know more about it because they now had thousands of songs in their pocket.


Over the years, this has not been true, and that is because traditional radio still plays a fundamental role in the media scene, the reasons why this happens are:


-Coverage: The radio reaches the entire national territory, even places where there is no Internet coverage.


-Advertising: Advertising is cheaper than in other media and the reach of radio is enormous.


-Its accessibility: It is difficult to watch television while working, or in the car, however, the radio is the ideal companion in our day to day, also almost all cell phones, allow tuning stations without consuming data.


-Its versatility: On the radio, you can find what you want, a variety of programs, music, news, etc.


The new technologies have not come to replace, but to complement the radio, and they have done it wonderfully, thanks to social networks, it has been possible to make radio hosts into celebrities who in turn bring traffic to their stations.


The Internet has also complemented the traditional surveys with which the audience levels of radio stations are measured since these provide real-time metrics that allow segmentation of markets and this helps to make intelligent decisions when designing the programming.


If you are a radio entrepreneur you can rest easy, this means of communication is far from disappearing.



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